It’s a totally Clawhammer of a Batcave File this week folks!! Case: #013 with Clawhammer featuring their song “Chickenscratch.” You should definitely check out the stellar video and let us know what you think toooo…please share!! & Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channels for the most up to date Bat-shenanigans you’ll find on the intro-Youtube-webs…Uh yeah, Intro-Youtube-Web-Party-Rollzzz!!

Zero Youth Dude Love…

Zero Youth Dude Love…

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Batcave Files Case #012: Clitoris Rex - Out of my Way -

Holy Cow Wednesday New Batcave File with Mike Holmes as The Devil in the Pale Moonlight performing his song “Find A Way.” You should totally check it out and don’t forget to “Like It” & subscribe to the youtube channel for more crazy cool rock n roll content…Thanks! #BatcaveFiles #Case011

Dude…It’s The Sh*t that Robert Bailey says show….Episode 1: Selfies…

Batcave Files Case #010: Michelle Sewell & Scott Jones from Make Rocket Go - “Like Hell” :

You should totally check out this weeks Batcave File Case #009 with Steven & Eric of The Sunshine Kings performing their song “Small World.”

You should definitely check out the stellar awesome via

The Batcave Files Case #008: Christopher Tyree - “Heart Break Then Spin” - 

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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream we dream together is reality." For the first time in like thirteen years I watched the VMA’s on Sunday night and this was the most awesomeness thing I have ever seen on MTV… #HomelessYouth #RockTheRollForYouth! - Mohawk Matt

Heeeey, You should totally check out this weeks Batcave File with Mike from Strangefellas performing his song that doesn’t have a home titled “Knockin.” It’s super rad!! Don’t forget get to subscribe to the youtube channel too for more stellar bat content! Schweeeet!! #BatcaveFiles#Strangefellas #RockNBatNinjaRoll!

True Rock N Roll!! Yup.

Dead City Shakers