Batcave Files Case #010: Michelle Sewell & Scott Jones from Make Rocket Go - “Like Hell” :

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The Batcave Files Case #008: Christopher Tyree - “Heart Break Then Spin” - 

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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream we dream together is reality." For the first time in like thirteen years I watched the VMA’s on Sunday night and this was the most awesomeness thing I have ever seen on MTV… #HomelessYouth #RockTheRollForYouth! - Mohawk Matt

Heeeey, You should totally check out this weeks Batcave File with Mike from Strangefellas performing his song that doesn’t have a home titled “Knockin.” It’s super rad!! Don’t forget get to subscribe to the youtube channel too for more stellar bat content! Schweeeet!! #BatcaveFiles#Strangefellas #RockNBatNinjaRoll!

True Rock N Roll!! Yup.

Dead City Shakers

Whoaaaa, totally brand new Batcave Files episode is up now on the youtube!! Case #006 with Timmy & Sally performing their song “Garden Spade.” It’s Super Cowabunga Awesome!! (Yup, I saw the new Ninja Turtles Movie the other day…) Anyways, You should totally check out the new file and let us know what you think about it by liking or disliking or commenting or by sharing it…Rock N Thanks Roll!!

Check out ghostchildrenofcalico Batcave FIles Episode here via this link on yutube:  :: It’s freaking schweeeeeet!! Yup, Yup!

This Weeks Batcave Files: Ghost Children of Calico performing his song “I Loved You Then as I Love You Now.” - - - - 


I Loved You Then As I Love You Now

My eyes hurt and I’m so sleepy

My eyes hurt and I’m so tired

I try to sleep but I think of you

I think of you and then I cry

I miss your laugh and your silly humor

I miss your lips and your big green eyes

I start to smile when I think of you

I think of you and then I cry

And if someday you change your mind

I’ll be here for you

I loved you then as I love you now

My heart will always be true

I hope you know I’m thinking of you

I’ve thought of you a million times

I dream of a day I hold you again

I hold you again and I don’t cry